Officials Spotlight: Marvin Hill

If you’ve played a tennis tournament in Middle States, chances are that you’ve run into Marvin Hill.

Hill has been officiating tennis matches in Middle States for more than 27 years and has worked nearly every facet of events – from professional tournaments to high school tournaments. He has served as the tournament referee several USTA League Section Championships, and for the James E. Cryan Memorial Tournament, a New Jersey-based tournament that hosts hundreds of players across several divisions.

Hill also volunteers his time, and recruits other volunteer officials, to work with the Special Olympics. In 2014, the Special Olympics USA Games were held in New Jersey and Hill served as the National Tennis Referee.

Aside from officiating, Hill is also an avid organizer and promoter of the sport. In January of 2015, he organized the First Annual Polar Bear Tournament in Sewell. Funds raised from the event were donated to New Jersey Special Olympics. He also organizes yearly bus trips to the US Open for members of his tennis club.

Hill is known for his knowledge of the sport and commitment to educating players on rules and etiquette make him one of the most popular and well-respected officials in Middle States.

“There are a myriad of reasons why people officiate,” he said. “The dedicated, serious officials are not there for the dollars. Give it at least a year of officiating, and you will find rewards you never knew.”

To learn more about officiating in Middle States, visit the website.

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