A Family Tradition

Sports teams typically call themselves family because of the long hours spent together, practicing and competing.

When the Devlin sisters say it, they mean it.

Katherine, Maureen, and Anne Marie Devlin grew up playing multiple sports throughout their childhood, but they all decided that tennis was the sport they would ultimately pursue.

Anne Marie Devlin attacks a serve in a match during her senior year

Their mother was heavily involved in the sport of tennis, allowing all three girls to have that exposure at a very young age.

“I can remember days where all three of us sisters would go play with our mom, which would bring out some very fierce competition and sometimes made the car rides back a little tense,” Maureen joked.

The fierce competition between sisters paid off in a big way as they all earned scholarships to play collegiate tennis at Saint Joseph’s University.

“I definitely believe that my high school tennis experience with Maureen contributed to my decision to attend Saint Joseph’s University, especially after watching her dynamic with Anne Marie develop in college tennis” said Katherine, the youngest out of the three sisters.

All three sisters agree that the competition between each other has helped them become better individuals on and off the court.

Maureen Devlin rips a fore-hand cross court

Anne Marie graduated from Saint Joseph University in 2017 and still spends a lot of time on court, mostly coaching, but is involved in USTA leagues with the occasional doubles tournament with Maureen. Maureen is very optimistic going into her senior year, looking to play No. 1 singles and compete for the Atlantic 10 championship as the teams’ captain.

Katherine is entering her sophomore year now having a better understanding of the patience and discipline this is required in order to be successful in college tennis, while looking to play in one of the top five singles spots on the team.

“As we’ve gotten older, the competition is more friendly,” Katherine said. “We know where we are and we know tennis is something that we get to enjoy with each other for the rest of our lives”.

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