A View from the Trainer’s Table

Dana Kephart has learned dozens of lessons in her time as an athletic trainer. One of the big ones?

No day is ever the same.

“As a trainer I’m always doing or seeing something different,” said Kephart, who works in central Pennsylvania at the Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster. “Some days it’s field hockey, others it’s a Special Olympics event. You see some different things and some really cool things.”

One of the sports she’s worked closely with is tennis.

Kephart worked as a trainer with the men’s and women’s tennis teams during her time studying at Penn State University. This summer, she spent time on-site at USTA League Section Championships at Hempfield Recreation Center.

While tennis isn’t a contact sport, it certainly presents some challenges.

“You see a lot of overuse injuries in tennis players,” she said. “Shoulders and elbows – things like that.”

Those injuries are common, especially among active players who are competing on a weekly or even daily basis. Other common issues shared among tennis players includes sprained ankles and, of course, dehydration and cramping.

Kephart said she loves being a trainer for the same reason she enjoyed playing sports growing up. No game is the same, and each day presents a new challenge. She also always wanted a career that would allow her to make a difference.

“I knew I wanted to do something where I was helping people,” she said. “To be able to match that with sports has been a lot of fun.”

Does your career involve tennis? Let us know your story by emailing NetPLAY@ms.usta.com.

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