Growing Together: Six Years of USTA Team Tennis

L2R 2012 Picture – Marybeth Ulrich, Meg Ulrich (10), Brady Chilson (11), Matthew Presite (11), Madison Poladian, Jesse Beck (9), Vaishnavi Datta (11)


How long have the Carlisle Court Crushers been on the same team?

For Meg Ulrich, daughter of coach Marybeth Ulrich, it feels like she has been apart of the team her whole life.

“I cant even remember a time when I wasn’t on this team or wasn’t friends with my teammates,” she said. “Being together for so long has really allowed us to form a special bond.”

The special bond has translated into much success on the court as all of them have received varsity letters and have had a positive high school sports experience because of the head start that JTT gave them.

The Court Crushers have also been to Sectionals 5 times together and always make getting to Sectionals their top JTT goal.

The on-court success is great and it certainly is one of the main reasons why the team gets along so well but ultimately the friendships and camaraderie are what it is all about for them.

“We love that we are all together and that we have all gotten better together,” said Jesse Beck. “Even more we like that we all are friends.  We cheer each other on and are happy for each other’s success. We are having fun.”

Coach Marybeth Ulrich has been an instrumental part of the teams success, running practices and hosting tennis parties, and the team is well aware of her dedication.

“Marybeth is a great coach. She is a coach, a cheering section and like part of our family,” said Madison Poladian. “It would not have been the same without her.”

The team is now practicing and playing together regularly with the ultimate goal of one day playing at the college level.

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