Results: 18 & Over Section Championships

The USTA Middle States 18 & Over Section Championships took place at Mercer County Tennis Center from August 18-20. The weekend was filled with tennis of all levels competing for one common goal: a trip to nationals in the fall.

All six of the Middle States districts made an appearance at this year’s sectional tournament, with Philadelphia Area District sending the most teams to nationals, with four each.

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in the event and best of luck to our Section Champions at Nationals.

Middle States Champions 

5.0 Men: Central Pennsylvania District – Team Bair Captain Jon Bair L-R: Kevin Tran, Adam Lawton, Matthew Taylor, Jon Bair, Evan Andrews, Lamar Jackson


5.0 Women: Philadelphia Area District – Team Yulia Captain Yulia Bolotova L-R: Yulia Bolotova, Jen Pao, Ellan Nze, Chelsie Yacks, Devi Jadeja

4.5 Men: Eastern Pennsylvania District – Team Hillcrest Captain Paul McDonough L-R: Ryan Cuevas, Ryan Berry, Nolan Perugini, Paul McDonough, Nicolas Kshatri, Thomas J. Gavin, Jim Burmester, Daryl Ormont, Brandon Fritze, John B. Aybar

4.5 Women: Delaware District – Team Net Assets Captain Yvonne Schappell L-R: Kristina Alling, Alison Harrison, Jill Hughes, Shirlee J. D’Ambrosia, Gail Marie Ferrigno, Ying Lopez, Alicia Papa, Jill Wallace, Yvonne Schappell, Missing – Suzanne McAllister, Kimberly Vine, Laura Lemole Dupont

4.0 Men: Philadelphia Area District – Team Easy Killer Captain Russell Chamberlin L-R: Guy Judkowski, Dan Knopp, Neal Rutman, Jimmy Kaufman, Matt Short, Joseph Muoio, Dominick D. Panfile, Victor Munoz, Henry Kim, Russell Chamberlin, Justin Bussinger, Adam Cole Simon, Chris Wasson, Philippe David

4.0 Women: Central Pennsylvania District – Team RCW Lanc Captain Kathy Oostdam L-R: Carol Blitz, Janet Pollan, Phyllis Bouder, Mary Chairs, Ruth Roulston, Jeanette Hines, Dagney Mae Markle, Nicole Nikolaus, Irene Acosta, Rachel T Haas, Ngoc Tran, Jody Marie Bamford, Sarah Adams, Marcy Susan Blitz, Beth Rickard, Kristi-Lynne V. Dahlgren, Front – Kathy Oostdam

3.5 Men: New Jersey Captain Casey Thampoe L-R: Gregg Gorelick, Alfred Morson, Varun Varun, John Kupsch, Immac (Casey) Thampoe (captain), Rehan Murad, Igor Shames, James Lo, Harold Stern

3.5 Women: Philadelphia Area District – Team Kinetix Deuces Wild Captain Lynn Griswold L-R: Brenda Weckerly, Jill M. Bachman, Jill Hynes, Kelley Anne Olsen, Chris Slegelmilch, Tracy McNally, Gail Pergine, Joan Mattiola, Gina Foley, Mindy Buckley, Lynn Griswold, Maureen Mahoney, Sharon Bartle, Melissa Paige Cianciulli

3.0 Men: Central Pennsylvania District Captain Leonard Shkreli L-R: Randy King, James Khai Matelevich-Hoang, Art McNulty, Troy Getty, Leonard Shkreli, Adam Harris, Donald Danser, Ben Paul Kidd, Dominic Budzisz, Zachary Douglas Miller

3.0 Women: Philadelphia Area District – Team Grit Captain Silvina Benedetto L-R: Kelly Megill, Laura Capuano, Kimberly Beebe, Hetal Vidwans, Silvina Benedetto, Kristen Goodman, Frances Galvin, Kelly Kenney, Linda Platt, Gwen E. Geibel, Laura Raybourn, Sharon Gilligan, Missing – Susan Beauchamp, Janine Marie Sholes

2. 5 Women Captain Liz Oakes Jenna Leggette, Sally Robbins, Kristin Hensley, liz Oakes (Captain) and Stacy Godsey





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