Delaware Tennis Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the 2016 Delaware Tennis Hall of Fame Inductees: Madison Brengle, Paul Costello, Sue Gardiner & Brint Morrow. All were honored at a dinner, auction and awards evening at Wilmington Country Club on Sunday, November 13, 2016. Proceeds from this event benefitted the Delaware Tennis Foundation and the programs it supports.

 Delaware Tennis Foundation

The Delaware Tennis Foundation, a non-profit organization was established in 1953. The purpose of the Delaware Tennis Foundation is to promote the sport of tennis throughout the State of Delaware with a special emphasis on junior tennis.

The foundation supports inner city summer and winter instruction programs, gives scholarships to needy children to attend area camps and subsidizes other statewide tennis programs.

The Delaware Tennis Foundation has introduced thousands of youngsters, regardless of financial background to the lifetime sport of tennis.

Delaware Tennis Hall of Fame Past Inductees

1995            Bunny Vosters

1996            Ed Garcia, Gretchen Spruance

1997             Lou Dods, Nancy Keiper

1998             Peggy Woolard

1999              Faith Jolley, Dorothy Kropf, Oscar J. Sebastian, Raymond Walker, Evelyn Waxman

2000            Ellin Foote, Larry Hampton

2001             Pano Anthos, Dick Botsch, Jeff Olmstead

2002            Dick Emmert, Lois Huggins, Ed McQuillin

2004             Peter Morrow, Licky Randolph

2005             Sue Johnson, Cindy Prendergast

2006            Pat Friz, Dave Marshall, Roy Rylander , Bob Wiederhorn

2007             Greg Barkley, Mary Moore, Harry Shur

2009            Tom Ellis, Laura Travis

2010             Jeff Harrison, Dave Hubinger, Joan Schneikart

2011             Chuck Herak, Dan Kegelman,  Araceli Sebastian-Popen

2012             Bob Bratcher, Jim Flesch, Deb Piper

2013             Gaby Brengle, Mark Manning, Pete Rigby, Gene Thompson


2015             Don Altmaier, Mark Centrella, Monique Holloway,  Bryan Sauer

2016            Madison Brengle, Paul Costello, Sue Gardiner, Brint Morrow

2016 Inductee Information

Madison Brengle was born in Dover, Delaware and was raised in a tennis family. Her mother is Gaby Brengle who is a member of the Delaware Tennis Hall of Fame and a coach at Dover Indoor Tennis facility. Madison played in her first professional tournament at the age of 14 and has been on the professional women’s tennis ever since. Her best performance in a grand slam tournament was advancing to the 4th round of the Australian Open in 2015.  She is currently ranked 50th in the WTA singles rankings.

Paul Costello has been an avid tennis player for over 50 years. During the last ten years he has returned the favor to the sport he loves by becoming active in its volunteer organizations. He joined the board of the USTA Delaware District in 2006. In 2008, he became President of the board and served in that capacity for the next 4 yrs. During that time, he also served as the Delaware delegate to the USTA Middle States Board where he chaired the Strategic Planning Committee. Paul has served as the President of the Delaware Tennis Foundation for the past two years.

Sue Gardiner has been the owner and operator of Elkton Indoor Tennis for almost 20 years. In that capacity she has enthusiastically supported the sport by opening her facility to many USTA junior programs and the University of Delaware tennis teams. She is a strong recreational player and has captained many USTA league teams and plays in the World Team Tennis league. In the past, she has served as a member of the USTA Delaware District Board for many years. Sue is a USTPA certified professional.

Brint Morrow was a top ranked junior tennis player achieving a #10 ranking in the national boys 16 and under division. A four-time high school tennis champion in Delaware, Brint then played at the University of North Carolina where he was an All American in doubles.  Brint has also won several Delaware State Open singles and doubles titles.  He recently reached the doubles final of the National 35 and over Hardcourt Tennis Championships.  His father Peter also played at the University of North Carolina and is a member is the Delaware Tennis Hall of Fame.

See for more details about the event.

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