Junior Tournament Spotlight: Brianna Shvets

A lot has changed in the 13 years since Brianna Shvets first picked up a tennis racquet. What hasn’t changed is her love for the game.

The 17-year-old from New Jersey can be found on the court year-round, competing in USTA Tournaments and prepping her game for the college level. In November, she earned a USTA Bronze Ball by finishing third at the USTA Girls’ 18 National Indoor Championships in Massachusetts.

But as far as Shvets has come with tennis, she remembers that her journey to tennis started in the family.

“I have an older sister who I’ve looked up to my whole life,” she said. “I remember her always playing tennis and she encouraged me to try to play. After my first lesson, my parents couldn’t get me off court and I’ve been playing ever since.”

Today, Shvets is planning to begin her college career at Princeton University this fall.

“My goal is to reach my maximum potential and become the best I can be. I want to be a successful college player and I am ready to put in the work that it takes. I am excited to work with the talented and experienced coaches at Princeton University. I am super excited to be a Tiger.”

“I’ve always loved competition and I think that’s why I love tennis so much,” she added. “I enjoy that tennis requires you to be super intense and focused for every point.”

You can read more about Shvets and her tennis journey in the spring issue of NetPLAY Magazine, which will be published in March.

To learn more about USTA Junior Tournaments, visit the USTA Middle States Junior Page.

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