Your chance to represent Middle States in a NTRP National Championship

For 2018, the USTA is launching a new national adult tournament that leverages the NTRP rating system as a way to create level-based competition at the 18 & Over and 50 & Over age groups.

NTRP national champions will be crowned in men’s and women’s singles and doubles at the 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 levels in both 18 & over and 50 & over age groups. The NTRP National Championships will be held in the spring of 2018.

Dates and Locations:
18 & Over: Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex, Surprise, AZ | April 6-8, 2018
50 & Over: Academia Sanchez-Casall Florida, Naples, FL | April 20-22, 2018

If you are interested in applying for an endorsement (Middle States has been granted one spot in each event, in each age division) please email the USTA Middle States Adult Competition Department. All players will be vetted based upon rating, ranking and match results through Middle States Adult Competition Department.

DEADLINE to email Mary Wurtz ( is March 15th!

To qualify for a spot, a player must:
1. Be a current USTA member
2. Be a Middle States resident
3. Be age eligible in the divisions offered
4. Meet all NTRP validation requirements
5. Be in good standing with the section.

About the NTRP National Championships:
*Men’s and Women’s 18 & Over and 50 & Over
*3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 divisions
*Singles and doubles
*Non-elimination draws with two matches per day Friday through Sunday
*Fast Four: Best-of-three sets to four games, no-ad scoring, tiebreak at 3-3 all
*Tiebreak is first to 5 points, win by one
*Eight four-player round robins and that play into four eight-player compass draws

Player’s responsibility at NTRP National Championship:
The endorsed players for Middle States understand that they must follow all rules and regulations set forth by the USTA National office. The players agree to meet all deadlines and understand that if they do not register by the posted deadline they may forfeit their endorsement. The players agree to pay all expenses associated with the NTRP National Championship including but not limited to airfare, car rental, lodging, meals, entry fee, etc. The players understand they will not receive any compensation from the USTA Middle States Section.

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