Catching up with Slippery Rock’s Lacey Cohen

At the age of 8 years old, Lacey Cohen decided that tennis was going to be her sport of choice.

Cohen began participating in group lessons while her mother played tennis and paddle matches nearby.

Freshman Year – Slippery Rock Women’s Tennis

As her skills developed, Cohen started to practice at the Rashid Hassan Elite Tennis Academy, where she’s spent the last eight years training at a high level. And now after years of training, Cohen has learned a lot about herself and what tennis has to offer.

“Tennis has taught me how to manage my time, and how to set and reach goals, she said. It has also taught me how to be mentally tough, which translates to my everyday life.”

She has set some lofty goals for herself, but has certainly has done a great job of reaching them.

Cohen won the PIAA Doubles Championship as a prep standout in 2013 with teammate Laurel Shymansky. She also earned a tennis scholarship to Slippery Rock University where she was named the freshman of the year in the PSAC, PSAC Scholar Athlete, and ITA Scholar Athlete.

2013 PIAA Girls Tennis Doubles State Champions Lacey Cohen & Laurel Shymansky

The accolades are always great to receive but it’s the competition tennis offers that continues to motivate her.

“I love to compete, and there is nothing better than winning a match to contribute to my team,” she said.

Cohen will continue to lead the Slippery Rock Girls Tennis team at No. 1 singles next season with the ultimate goal of winning a PSAC conference championship.

She always makes sure to acknowledge the people that have helped her along the way.

“I would like to thank my parents, and coaches for supporting me and pushing me to be better over the years. I would not have accomplished what I have, without them.”

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