USTA Tennis Moms Campaign – Susan Fuster-Marin

During the month of May, the USTA is paying tribute to tennis moms. We want to give thanks to mothers who support their children reaching their goals at every level of the game. Mothers play a critical role in a player’s development and we wanted to recognize these special moms


Susan Fuster-Marin

Tell us how tennis has played a special part in your life.
Tennis has been, and always will be an integral part of my life.  From the fun we have as a family challenging each other, to the people that I meet and re-meet during matches, and when we are practicing in parks around town.  My health is so much better when I am able to get out and play tennis, to clear my head, stretch my legs, and physically move.

How long have you been playing tennis?
I played tennis as a kid with my parents, and in High School. My dad used to say you could take a racquet anywhere in the world, and find a place to hit tennis balls. When our oldest son, Cruz, was 10, he asked if he could take lessons. That was when I decided to go back to the sport, and take lessons myself. The rest is history! I was hooked, again.

Why do you think it is important for your child or children to play tennis?
For our family, it is important for the camaraderie that we all feel when we play the sport. The teamwork and communication that is necessary to be on the court. The sportsmanship of tennis has been good for our boys. It has taught them to work disagreements out between themselves.

What are some of your/your childrens notable tennis accomplishments?
My Team, The Racquettes, have gone to USTA League Districts, twice! 

I Captain/Co-Captain four teams in the Middle States District and I also organize/run an ongoing two-court contract time.

Our oldest son, Cruz, is Coach of the Phoenixville Middle School Girls Tennis Team, and is the Assistant Coach of the Phoenixville High School Boys Tennis Team.

What is your most memorable tennis moment?
When my husband said that he wanted to Captain a USTA League Men’s Team. I thought, “yes! I have convinced another person as to how great this sport is!”

What has tennis taught you?
Patience. A lot of communication. You cannot be on a tennis court and not speak. It does not work. Teamwork. Also, the dedication to practice, even for 30 minutes a day in the driveway or cul-de-sac, just hitting back and forth, or against the garage, to get better.

Other Interesting Facts.
When I am not Captaining, or running to the nearest tennis Courts, I am a Legal Assistant in the IP Legal Department of QVC, Inc. Love my job! Every day is different! And I work with amazing people, who actually listen to my tennis adventure stories!

And I have moved 25 times around the world.  Tennis has been a constant for me as a way to meet people, anywhere I have lived.  

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