Philadelphia Freedoms 2018 Season Recap

A Season to Remember

The 2018 Philadelphia Freedoms brought an unmatched level of excitement to the court.

-Finished with the best record in the league, at 12-2
-Hosted the World TeamTennis (WTT) Championship match, dropping a one-game decision to the Springfield Lasers

Freedoms players and coaches earned three of the five WTT Awards:

o Taylor Townsend – Female Most Valuable Player

Phl taylor+townsend 2018 web

o Kevin King – Male Rookie of the Year

Phl kevin+king 2018 web

o Craig Kardon – Coach of the year

Coach craig+kardon phl+2018 web

Dominating the Singles Court
Taylor Townsend finished the season with an unbelievable 12-0 record, winning 60 of 82 games. Townsend was by far the most dominant woman for the season, building excitement around her as the US Open approached. Townsend was ranked No. 62 in the WTA at the end of August.

Top Percentage
The Freedoms had a game winning percentage of 56.8% with women’s singles having the best ratio of 69.7%. The women won 69 of the 99 games played throughout all their matches this season. Taylor Townsend contributed to 60 of the 69 games won.

Star Rookie
Kevin King was the team’s anchor all season long, bringing home the matches in the men’s singles spot. King finished the year with a 54 percent winning percentage during the regular season, which was second best among men’s singles players in the league. King, 27, has been competing on the pro tour since he graduated from Georgia Tech in 2012. This was his first season of World TeamTennis.

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