Why play USTA League? Ask the players who know best.

USTA League is the country’s largest adult competitive tennis league. It’s a great way to stay active, improve your tennis game, and even have the chance to compete for a National Championship. If you love tennis, you’ll love USTA League.

If you don’t believe us now, hear what our current players have to say! 

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“I think captaining at the 2.5 level is a great way to start,” she said. “With people being new to the game, they’re really excited to be out there. Both your teammates and your opponents are so happy to play. If you have success, that’s great. But if you lose, it only makes you set new goals and work toward something else.”

-Jennifer Rappaport, USTA League Tennis Player and Captain



“A big part of the game has been the camaraderie and the health. All of the people who I’ve met and the wonderful places I’ve been able to play…it’s been incredible.”

-Norman Bloom, USTA League Tennis Player 




“Some of my teammates and I have been together for years, and every season we enlist newcomers that slowly begin to share the same passion and enthusiasm for competing.”

Rajeeta Bazaz, USTA League Tennis Player and Captain




“I love meeting new people and just having a good time. USTA League has allowed me to  find similar levels of competition and some really great friends”.

Kevin Tran, USTA League Tennis Player 



And yes… we promise that dogs love USTA Adult Leagues too.


“Rin is a tennis dog and is on the court all the time. We are trying to train her to become a super ball girl.”

-Trân Ngọc Lee, Rin’s Owner and USTA League Tennis Player



Let us know what your favorite part of USTA League Tennis is by emailing ms-socialmedia@ms.usta.com

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