College Day Spotlights

Alfred Saah Kandakai

17 years old

Started playing tennis – 5 years old

Plays number one on high school team and on Soccer Team (Trenton Central High School West)

Made quarterfinals of Mercer County Tournament
Lost 2nd round of States

“I use soccer to keep me in shape for tennis and vise versa. You have to do a lot of running in both sports and after I finish one sport my physical level is good to go for the other sport.”

 “In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my siblings and playing video games with my cousin, especially fifa”

Kiarra Kabore

16 years old

Started playing tennis – 8 years old

High School – Trenton Catholic Academy

Loves to Draw and interested in computer programming

Looking at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) because they have a great computer science program.

“I actually know a language on the TI – Calculator, which is made from Texas Instruments, called TI – Basic. “

Carson Ports

17 years old

Started Playing Tennis – 10 years old

Conestoga High School

Plans on Majoring in Engineering at college

Inspired to play tennis from his grand father who played tennis in college at Indiana University and was also the captain of the team.

Came to College day to find out about what tennis is like in college and what level would be good for him because he is academics first and wants to make sure he will have time for school work.

“I hope to go to a good school, academics first and then play whatever level tennis they have there”

 “I started playing tennis mostly because my grandpa played tennis while he was in college. He was the captain of the tennis team at Indiana University and he inspired me to pick up the sport.”

Karley Alling

16 years old

Junior at North Penn High School

Really committed to tennis at 11 years old playing – (tournaments and on a regular basis)

Looking for a top division three school

Loves Art and spending time with friends and hanging out with family.

“I am looking more for a top division three school because I don’t want tennis to take over my life, but I still want to have that team dynamic and competition”

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