2018-19 Middle States Section and District Award Nominations

Nomination Form 

USTA Middle States’ comprehensive awards program annually recognizes excellence in tennis. Honorees include volunteers, organizations, programs and members who have done an outstanding job promoting tennis on and off the court.

Before nominating anyone for an award, please ensure you read the guidelines, criteria and overview for the award you are nominating them for. It is also highly suggested that you prepare a list of accomplishments, activities and characteristics before opening this survey.

1. This is not a ballot. The number of nominations a person receives has no impact on their being chosen as an award recipient. For this reason, please nominate this person or organization only once per category.
2. Nomination form must have all questions completed.
3. Submit no more than two letters of recommendation per nominee.
4. Materials must be emailed or postmarked by Nov. 14, 2018.
5. These awards are meant to honor those who made a significant impact, specifically in 2018.

Award categories and descriptions can be found on the next page.

For questions about the nomination process, email Michael Gladysz (gladysz@ms.usta.com).

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