College Spotlight: Bryan Szayna

Stevens Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineer


Best memory as a Junior player?
I’ll always remember my 16s Zonals trips. The team atmosphere made it a lot of fun.

Future Tennis goals?
In the near future, I want to try and make the Stevens team the best I can. I want to do my best to try and lead the team in a positive direction.

Future Career goals?
I am specializing in electro-mechanical systems so I would like to get a job in some sort of robotics company as of now.

Favorite aspect of tennis?
My favorite part of tennis is the ending. It doesn’t end till someone wins it. I like how time doesn’t run out. To win you have to take it, not just go up and hold onto the lead.

What tennis has taught you?
Tennis has taught me how to accept failure. During a match you lose a lot but if you let it get to you or worry about those lost points you’re only going to lose more.

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