Calling New Jersey Captains: Register your USTA Teams!

For all USTA League Tennis captains in the New Jersey area, it’s time to sign up for 2019 spring and summer leagues.

There will be two coordinators for the 2019 spring and summer leagues:

*Sharon L
*Judy Vogt –

The 2019 captains’ meeting for Middle States/New Jersey District Spring and Summer Adult Leagues will be held via a webinar on Thursday, February 21st at 7pm.

Directions are as follows:
1. To view the webinar and presentation, visit:
2. Then, Dial-into join the audio portion of the meeting: 1-800-704-1867 (Code: 876358#)

Please be sure to test the link at some point in the next few weeks, or at least a day before the meeting. You may need to download Adobe Connect to properly launch the webinar. If you are having issues with loading the webinar room, please let me know.

New process in 2019 for registering a team to play in the Middle States/New Jersey District for Spring and Summer Adult Leagues.

All team applications and consent forms will be handle on line, so no more paper to print out! Included in this email is a link to the Team Application for both 18 & Over and 40 & Over leagues. Please complete one application form for each team you wish to captain. For example, if you want to play 18 & Over 3.5 Women on Fridays, as well as, 40 & Over 3.5 on Thursday, complete two forms.

At the bottom of the form you must accept the Terms and Conditions. If you click on the link, you will see the Consent & Waiver. By clicking the box next to Terms and Conditions, you are completing an electronic signature, agreeing to the terms on the form. You do not have to send the form to us under a separate cover.

For the Women’s leagues(3.0-4.5), we are asking you to choose between two team formats – 1 singles and 3 doubles or 2 singles and 3 doubles. Last season, some of the women’s leagues opted for the alternative format of 1 singles and 3 doubles. If the majority of captains in your league opt for the alternative format, then we will choose that format. At all championships, the format remains at 2 singles and 3 doubles.

Click on the link below to register your team. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once we receive your form. I will send you a team number shortly thereafter.

Registration: 18 & Over or 40 & Over Spring/Summer team

Registration: 55 & Over or 65 & Over Spring/Summer team

If you make a mistake when completing this form and see options that do not apply to you, click the refresh button. You will find this button at the top left of your screen. It is a circle next to the back button. This will remove options that do not apply to your team.

As always, thank you for all that you do as captains. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With questions about this process, please email

Learn more about USTA League in Middle States

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