College Spotlight: Eshan Kanetkar

College: Saint Joseph’s University, Junior

Hometown: South Brunswick, N.J.

Major: Risk Management and Insurance

Best junior tennis memory:

A match during high school tennis against Westfield, in which I told my teammates I would hit an ace to end the match, and I did.

Future tennis goals:

I want to help the team win and compete in tournaments during the summers. I would like to be moving towards the top of the lineup over the upcoming years.

Future career goals:

I would like to go to graduate school following my time at St. Joseph’s. After that I would like to become an actuary.

Favorite aspect of tennis:

The individuality, as I enjoy being out there alone and figuring things out.

What has tennis taught me:

I think the biggest thing tennis has taught me is how to compete and adapt when the going gets tough.

To learn more about Eshan Kanetkar and Saint Joseph’s Mens Tennis click here.


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