New Registration Process for 2019 Section Championships

New for the 2019 season, USTA Middle States is digitizing the USTA League Tennis Section Championship registration process.

Each individual player will now register for Section Championships in the weeks leading up to the event. In previous years, team captains were responsible for registering the entire team through paper forms.

This year, each player will now receive an online registration link from their captain once the team has qualified for Section Championships. A per-player championship fee of $12 will be collected online at the time of registration. This will cover:

-Indoor backup and court costs
-T-shirt sizes/quantity more readily available for each team
-Special events during the championships
-Officials and event staffing

A link to the Middle States Section Championship schedule can be found here, and a resource page for team captains is available here.

Questions? Email our USTA League Tennis department.

2 thoughts on “New Registration Process for 2019 Section Championships

  1. So do we get shirts for free or does this merely make the shirts “more readily available” (to be purchased)? What is the advantage of this? Oh yeah, for the usta to make more MONEY.

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