Add Team Challenges & Team Tournaments to your summer camps

Creative ways to add a Team Challenge or Team Tournament to your summer programming:
1. Last day of camp run a Team Challenge/Team Tournament to offer a match day.
2. Partner with another organization and run a combined Team Challenge/Team Tournament.
3. USTA has partnered with GO NOODLE – add a GO NOODLE video to your Team Challenge!

Register on Net Generation and add your programs to the Net Generation Program Management Center:
Receive an equipment package that includes:






  • Red, Orange, Green community curriculum
  • 10 – 23″ and 10 – 25″ racquets
  • 18 – red felt balls and 18 – orange tennis balls
  • Barrier Tape
  • Clothespins for scoring
  • Chalk for marking lines or targets
  • Clipboard
  • Pennant Flag
  • Roller Bag to store everything

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