Allegheny Mountain District 2018-19 Awards Recipients

Congratulations to everyone who will be recognized at the 2018-19 AMD Awards Celebration!

Allegheny Mountain District Awards Ceremony
July 6, 2019 – Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center (Pittsburgh)
Email Contact: Lynn Giroux (

A full list of awardees, listed by category, is below.

Adult Award Recipients and No.1s

Jamie Colvin: Tennis on Campus Leader Award (Middle States)
Tyler Keller: #1 Men’s 4.0 Doubles (Middle States)
Jose Mieres: Tournament Director Award (Middle States)
Rebecca Shine: #1 Women’s Open Singles (Middle States)
Christian Turak: #1 Men’s 4.0 Doubles (Middle States)

Ryan Abel: Men’s 35s Singles (Middle States), Men’s 35s Singles (AMD)
Michael Belmonte: College Coach Award (AMD)
Aaron Budd: #1 Men’s Open Doubles (AMD)
Fred Crawford: #1 Men’s 50 Doubles (AMD)
Robert Gibbs: Male Adult Volunteer (AMD)
Dave Hartzell: High School Coach (AMD
Caleb Kramer: #1 Men’s Open Singles (AMD)
Debbie Pickens: Female Adult Volunteer (AMD)
Vincent Romito: Men’s 65 Singles (AMD)
Gaby Sabatose: Women’s Open Doubles (AMD)
Lori Sabatose: Women’s Open Doubles (AMD)
Kris Santerini: Adult League Tennis Volunteer (AMD)
Tom Sparta: Men’s 55 Singles (AMD)
Budi Susanto: Teaching Professional (AMD)
Alan Timko: Men’s 55 Double (AMD)

Junior Awards Recipients

Joshua Lamm-Bocherov: Boys’ 12 Most Improved (Middle States)
Jacob Patterson:  Middle States Boys’ 14 Sportsmanship (Middle States)
Luciana Perry: Girls’ 14 Sportsmanship (Middle States)
Ava Catanzarite: Girls’ 16 Top-ranked National Player (Middle States)
Charlotte James: Girls’ 16 Most Improved (Middle States)
Amelia Haley: Girls’ 18 Most Improved (Middles States)

Ethan Estatico: Junior Volunteer Award (AMD)

Top Ranked Juniors (AMD) – Singles

Elana Sobol: Girl’s 12 Singles #1 
Katie Peterson: Girl’s 12 Singles #2
Madeline Bradshaw: Girl’s 12 Singles #3

Shaun Fernando: Boys’ 12 Singles #1
Tejas Mitra: Boys’ 12 Singles #2
Ashwin Sudhakar: Boys’ 12 Singles #3

Rachel Ekanem: Girls’ 14 Singles #1
Amelia Williams: Girls’ 14 Singles #2
Carissa Shepard: Girls’ 14 Singles #3

Connor Dalgaard: Boys’ 14 Singles #1 
Shaun Fernando: Boys’ 14 Singles #2
Ronan Gibbons: Boys’ 14 Singles #3

Hannah Yan: Girls’ 16 Singles #1
Catherine Petrovich: Girls’ 16 Singles #2
Anna Rush: Girls’ 16 Singles #3

Jayanth Kashyap: Boys’ 16 Singles #1
Connor Dalgaard: Boys’ 16 Singles #2
Adeel Piracha: Boys’ 16 Singles #3

Ella Sinciline: Girls’ 18 Singles #1
Kara Joseph: Girls’ 18 Singles #2
Eliza Georgiades: Girls’ 18 Singles #3

Ryne Talko: Boys’ 18 Singles #1 tie 
Brandon Wei: Boys’ 18 Singles #1 tie 
Harrison Chui:
Boys’ 18 Singles #3 tie
Miles Collins: Boys’ 18 Singles #3 tie 

Top Ranked Juniors (AMD) – Doubles

Adisyn Moorehead: Girls’ 14 Doubles #1
Kieran Moorehead: Girls’ 14 Doubles #1 
Amelia Williams: Girls’ 14 Doubles #2
Samaira Narula: Girls’ 14 Doubles #2
Nicole Kempton: Girls’ 14 Doubles #3 
Katalina Wang: Girls’ 14 Doubles #3 

Connor Dalgaard: Boys’ 14 Doubles #1
Ethan Estatico: Boys’ 14 Doubles #1
Trey Davidson: Boys’ 14 Doubles #2 tie
Adam Memije: Boys’ 14 Doubles #2 tie
Aryan Bonigala: Boys’ 14 Doubles #2 tie
Shaun Fernando: Boys’ 14 Doubles #2 tie

Fallon Winseck: Girls’ 18 Doubles #1
Gia Winseck: Girls’ 18 Doubles #1
Christina Walton: Girls’ 18 Doubles #2 tie
Isabella Goldman: Girls’ 18 Doubles #2 tie
Anna Rush: Girls’ 18 Doubles #2 tie

Phil Gorun: Boys’ 18 Doubles #1
Jacob Patterson: Boys’ 18 Doubles #1
Matthew Prenovitz: Boys’ 18 Doubles #2
Harrison Chui: Boys’ 18 Doubles #2
Zachary Palko: Boys’ 18 Doubles #3
Anthony Villella: Boys’ 18 Doubles #3 

Premier Providers:

Hank Hughes – Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center
Debbie Pickens – Wheeling Oglebay Tennis Club

Captains of 2018 Section Championship Team Captains

Krishnan Anandan
Rajeeta Bazaz
Jacquelyn Connell
Cynthia Falo
Trent Goerk
Bret Miller
David Walch

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