Official Spotlight: Jeremy Dabbeekah

Jeremy Dabbeekah was in his early 20s, watching a match at Wimbledon when he saw a couple of questionable line calls. Immediately he turned to his friend.

“I think I could make that call,” he said.

For the better part of the last two decades, he’s done just that.

Dabbeekah, who resides in the Philadelphia area, started officiating small tournaments and worked his way up to the game’s largest stage. He’s never stopped looking for opportunities to learn from others or experience a new event.

Dabbeekah is one of the 13 officials from Middle States working at the US Open Tennis Championships this summer. It’s a tournament he’s officiated for the last 17 years.

His favorite aspect of the job?

“The challenge, and the camaraderie between the officials,” he said.

Interested in becoming a tennis official? Let us know by filling out this simple form.

For more information about tennis officiating, click here.

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