Player Spotlight: Sara Meltzer

In her day to day life, Sara Meltzer is an ordinary teenager.

She plays on her middle school tennis team. She takes dance lessons. She studies and works hard in school.

She enjoys spending time with her friends. But Sara is most definitely not a typical 13-year-old.

Sara, who lives outside of Philadelphia with her family, was diagnosed with pediatric cancer at 5 years old.

She was treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and, now feeling healthy, is giving back in a big way.

In recent years, Sara has helped raise more than $40,000 for CHOP through local fundraising efforts. She was even named a finalist for a national $10,000 college scholarship competition, organized by Ellios Pizza.

“I raised money to give back to the hospital because of how they helped me so much,” she said.
“The kids who are going through what I went through — they are having a hard time. Hopefully
more research and money helps find a cure.”

That perspective and effort stand out to her mother, Dana.

“To go through treatments at such a young age, and come through it and show such strength —
it’s amazing to see,” Dana said. “No matter how bad things seemed, Sara always had a smile on
her face.”

After regaining good health, Sara has taken an interest in tennis and dance, which have been
strong influences on her the last several years. Most recently, she completed her second season
with her middle school team and is prepping to try out at the high school level next year.

“Tennis has been fun for me,” she said. “The coaches are really nice and you get to play on a
team. I love the balance of it.”

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