Captain Spotlight: Marisa Grotell

Looking for tennis commitment? Meet Marisa Grotell, from Collegeville, Pa.

Grotell is on hand at the USTA Middle States 18 and Over Section Championships, cheering on the Blue Moons, a 3.0 women’s team from the Philadelphia area. The team roster features three players from Grotell’s 40 and Over team, Serve Me a Double, which will compete in September during the next round of Section Championships.

Her level of support helps Grotell stand out. But it’s more than that.

Overall, Grotell played on eight USTA teams in 2019. She only began playing tennis in 2014, and she sure is happy it happened.

“My neighbor one day said to me, ‘You’re athletic. You should try tennis,’” Grotell said. “I started with lessons with a few of my friends. Some of them have quit, but I kept going.”

Grotell is hooked as a player, and she loves being a captain.

“I enjoy the lineups, and doing the research,” she said. “I might even enjoy that more than playing.”

To learn more about USTA League Tennis, click here. For help being placed on a team, email

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