USTA Middle States Awards Descriptions

USTA Middle States’ comprehensive awards program annually recognizes excellence in tennis. Honorees include volunteers, organizations, programs and members who have done an outstanding job promoting tennis on and off the court.

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USTA Middle States Award Categories

Edwin J. Faulkner Coach (College and High School)
Presented to a coach who resides or coaches in the section or is a Middle States member. Named after Edwin J. Faulkner, a Middle States Hall of Famer who coached Swarthmore College and the Davis Cup team, this recognizes enthusiasm, team camaraderie and community service.

Community Tennis Association Award
Honors a CTA which stands out as a leader in the Section, supporting community tennis programs and local community. As an association, the group coordinates and maintains programs and services, guaranteeing they are open and accessible to all.

Family of the Year
Recognizes a family’s contribution or accomplishment to tennis. The family represents the development and promotion of tennis on and off the court on a local and/or section basis.

Net Generation Award
Awarded to a school physical education teacher, tennis community activist or organization that best represents or promotes the growth and advancement of tennis through Net Generation. This person or organization utilizes the tools of Net Generation and positively impacts young players in the sport.

USTA Junior Team Tennis Organizer Award
Recognizes a Junior Team Tennis organizer who goes above and beyond to grow participation and quality local Junior Team Tennis programs.

William A. Hills Section NJTL Chapter Award
Recognizes an NJTL, offering a wide range of tennis and education opportunities for local youth.

Tennis Official Award
Presented to a tennis official who resides within Middle States and provides consistent, exemplary work during tournaments and other organized play. This award is for an official that shows a clear and constant understanding for fairness and the rules of the game, and who shows a decisive, professional approach to situations in which he or she is presented with during an event. This official has a passion for growing the game of tennis, and a respect for all players, fans and tournament staff that he or she works with.

Presidential Service Award
Presented to an individual, or individuals, who have provided a high level of service to the Middle States mission during the tenure of the Middle States President.

Teaching Professional Award
Honors an active tennis instructor who demonstrates a significant contribution to tennis through promotion of USTA programs, service to the community and a support of the USTA mission. This club- or organization-based teaching professional demonstrates a dedication to teaching juniors and/or adults in their communities with passion and excitement.

Tennis Industry Initiative Award
Honors a person, organization or company that positively impacts and grows tennis in unique and creative ways, while providing outstanding quality and service.

Tennis On Campus Club Award
Honors a Tennis On Campus team that displayed tremendous effort and accomplished success on and off the court, including with community and school service, and contributions to growing tennis.

Tennis On Campus Leadership Award
Honors a Tennis On Campus organizer, player or leader who creates a consistent, high-quality experience for club players at his or her school.

Tournament Director Award
A tournament director who manages USTA-sanctioned tournaments in the section while providing participants, officials and spectators a quality experience. Those who run multiple events, community-friendly events, or display innovation and creativity, are strongly considered.

Volunteer (Adult and Junior)
An individual who has made valuable contributions to the growth and development of tennis in Middle States by working as a volunteer at the district and/or section level. This person has demonstrated a passion in giving back to their community or school through tennis by starting a new program such as 10 & Under Tennis, or helping one thrive. Adults are considered 18 and older.

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