Shots from All Angles

A conversation with Ronit Yurovsky
Assistant Coach, Penn State University Women’s Tennis

Ronit Yurovsky first gained name recognition while playing tournaments in Pittsburgh, Pa. Back then, the small girl with a big forehand was making waves — taking down players years older than her (often with ease), and doing it with grace and sportsmanship.

Fast forward 15 years, and Yurovsky is now adapting to a different type of tennis life as an assistant coach at Penn State. In the past are her hundreds of junior wins, her four-year standout career at Michigan and her two years on the pro tour. She’s still using that experience, though, and hopes to influence the lives of many other players as they advance through their own tennis careers.

Take us through the last few years, playing pro tennis.
After college I was a little bit unsure if I wanted to continue to play, or to close the chapter on that part of my life. My entire life I dreamed of playing on the pro tour, and not many people get the opportunity to do that. I figured I would regret it if I didn’t give it a shot, so I went for it.

Pro tennis took me to incredible places and it helped me meet incredible people. It was an experience I’ll always look back on without any regrets. It was nothing but awesome memories.

Talk about your new position as an assistant coach at Penn State.
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here. There is no reason this shouldn’t be one of the top programs in the BIG10 and even nationally. I’m familiar with the BIG10, having played college tennis in the conference. I know about the recruiting area and I’m comfortable with our girls.

One thing that stood out to me right away is the tennis community at Penn State. It’s got a great supporting area. People here love their tennis.

It’s great being so close to home. Being from Pittsburgh but playing college tennis at Michigan, my parents missed a lot of my time playing. But being close now, it gives them a good opportunity to come visit, and I can get back home any time, which is great. It’s nice that going home is such an easy option.

Read the full interview in our Fall issue of NetPLAY Magazine, out in late October.

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