Benefits of quality out-of-school programs

The research is clear. Quality programs that take place out of school provide benefits to the student, their families, and their communities.

A study by Out of School alliance showed that students who regularly participate in quality out-of-school programs

  • Develop strong social skills
  • Make better decisions/improve behavior in school
  • Become more excited about learning
  • Improve work habits and grades
  • Gain skills in science, math, technology or engineering
  • Have high graduation rates.

Working families and businesses gain as well from after school programming. When parents are concerned about their children’s after school care, they miss an average of 8 days of work per year, costing their employers up to $300 billion annually.

Through the USTA and Net Generation, schools have an opportunity to connect with a school partner.  This partner is either a certified instructor or a community-based organization, outside of the school. These partners have the processes in place to provide educational tennis opportunities through their programming taking place at their facility or at local parks.

To get the most out of Net Generation

  • Invite your school partner for a classroom visit.
  • Ask your school partner to conduct an assembly.
  • Go on a Field Trip to your school partner’s facility or park.
  • Ask your school partner to conduct an out-of-school program.

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