Doubles for Life

Dian Rash sees endless connections between tennis and marriage. So when it came to figuring
out a spot for her and her now husband, Greg, to get married, there was no question.

“Once we were engaged, I said, ‘Let’s do it on the tennis court,” she said.

Just like that, plans began to fall in place for a tennis-themed wedding.

Rash, a longtime player in leagues, tournaments and contracts throughout Delaware, wouldn’t have it any other way.

The flower girls wore tennis outfits with sneakers. Dian’s doubles partner served as her Maid of Honor. Greg’s doubles partner was his best man. The minister told jokes about starting a match love-love and covering your partners’ back.

The couple has now been married more than two years.

“Everything was tennis-themed,” she said. “I bought a tennis dress to wear, and we got Greg a
new tennis outfit. The entire sermon was based on tennis.”

Dian and Greg used Elkton Indoor Tennis as the spot for their nuptials. Considering their history, the tennis court was an obvious choice.

“Greg and I were scheduled in a tennis contact together,” she remembers. “For two years we never played on the same night. And then as luck would have it, we ended up crossing paths. He asked me on a date and that was it. As they say, the rest is history.”

The duo spends a lot of time on the tennis court together. Dian said that Greg helps her keep
calm and enjoy the game more.

“I had stopped playing at one point,” she said. “I was always nervous, feeling like I had to win all the time. When Greg and I played, he gave me a new perspective. Now, I’m out there with him just having a good time.”

“That’s the beauty of all of this,” she added. “We prefer to play together and pick each other up. We really love it.”

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