College Spotlight: Stephanie Yanosov 

Stephanie Yanosov 

Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

School: Quinnipiac University 

Major: Criminal Justice

What is your favorite part about playing?

My favorite part of the game is to be able to experience challenges and overcome them, such as turning a defeat into a learning experience. Apart from that, I love being able to play with a team that is deeply rooted in sisterhood and determination. My teammates and coach have become family and being able to travel and win matches together is by far my favorite part about the sport.

What are some of your top tennis accomplishments?

Accomplishments that I have achieved as a junior was to be able to compete Inter-sectionals and Zonals. Apart from that, an accomplishment I have achieved in college is to be a part of a MAAC Championship team.

 Future tennis goals?

There are many future tennis goals I would like to achieve, but more importantly, I would like to achieve another MAAC Championship. By doing that, hard work and focus are two goals I have set for the upcoming season.

 Anything else you’d like to share?

While playing tennis for Quinnipiac University, my coach Paula Miller, has become a role model for most of us. She is a person of character, charisma, and determination and plays a huge role as a member of the team.


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