Official Spotlight: Bob Long

Rediscovering The Game

Bob Long started officiating in the Middle States Section one year ago, but he is no stranger to tennis. He’s been involved in various aspects of tennis his entire life.

His roots trace back to the Middle States Section as he was on the Middle States Board of Directors in the mid ‘90s to early 2000s, and thought that officiating would be a good way to get back into the sport.

“It’s a good way to contribute to the sport ,” Long said. 

Long started playing as a junior and through college, and later became a teaching pro for 6 years. Those teaching days took him all over the country, from Pine Forest Camp in the Poconos to Cherry Hills in Denver, and then to Vermont.

“There are really good people, and good sportsmanship in the sport,” Long said. 

He encourages people to join in as an official, and says it’s a great way to continue to stay around the game.

“If you enjoy the game of tennis, officiating can be very rewarding,” he said. “You are supported throughout the entire process of becoming an official, and you get to watch some great tennis along the way.”

Interested in becoming a tennis official? Let us know by filling out this simple form.

For more information about tennis officiating, click here.

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