100 Years of History: Oakmont Tennis Club

Oakmont Tennis Club in Allentown, Pa.

It’s a beautiful drive through Allentown, Pa. Large, historic homes line the streets. People cross through the neighborhoods on their walks to work and to school. Churches, delis and restaurants pop up on every corner. One drive through Allentown shows a beautiful mix of diversity and community.

In the middle of it all? A 100-year-old gem. Oakmont Tennis Club pops out of nowhere — seven beautiful, red clay courts surrounding adirondack chairs, tables and the most perfect viewing area.

Even in the middle of a city, Oakmont makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Oakmont Tennis Club stands on a strong piece of history. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019, the club members talk about the many players who maintain and improve on the facility, while paying homage to the hundreds and hundreds of members who helped create the legacy Oakmont has today.

“This has been about an intense commitment from thousands of people over 100 years,” said Jeff Wenck, President of Oakmont. “You think about passion, and that’s what you find here at Oakmont.”

Wenck’s family itself has been involved with the facility for more than 60 years, with his mother even serving as the club secretary.

A priority for Oakmont in 2019 and beyond is becoming younger. The club hosts junior play opportunities for local CTAs like Kids Play Tennis, and even opens its gates to the Allen High School.

Is there a court you’d like to see featured? Email NetPLAY@ms.usta.com.

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