Tennis, Music and Culture

Lauren Steinert’s impressive talents go far beyond the tennis court. In addition to her four years of record-breaking success on the tennis team at Moravian College, she is an accomplished musician with a passion for ethnomusicology, the study of music of different cultures. 

But when her senior season ended abruptly due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it didn’t stop the disappointment from sinking in.

“I will miss every practice with those girls and coaches because they were like family and they’re the most amazing people anyone could work with,” she said. “I love them with all my heart. I have never seen such heart and determination from a group.”

Teammates of Steinert say the same thing about her. The vocal performance major was as well-rounded as they come in college. Off the tennis court, she was accepted into her school’s SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) program, which allowed her to research and explore the influence of Australian politics, environment, and history on Aboriginal music and storytelling.

She travelled to Australia to conduct her research and experienced first-hand how Australian heritage and culture impacts the Australian Aboriginal people. She hopes to incorporate Aboriginal music into her recital performance for her major, and is continuing to expand her research on song poems and lyrics of Aboriginal texts. 

While being a full-time student, Steinert was also busy destroying school records and leading her team as captain. She broke the school’s all-time season wins record, going 20-0, and went 2.5 years undefeated in the Landmark Conference. She earned the team’s 2017-18 and 2018-19 Women’s MVP and was awarded Player of the Week twice for her conference. Steinert continued her success with winning 2nd Team All-Conference player twice and was inducted into the Fraternity for Athletes for her strong grade point average. 

In addition to breaking the all-time double wins, she had her eyes set on breaking the all-time singles wins for her university. But with the season cut short, she looks back on all the memories she made while on the team.

“I will always remember my teammates and coaches,” she said. “I will never forget our team winning the Landmark Conference in 2019, and creating so many new records for our school.” 

She’s not letting this end her tennis career. After Steinert graduates, she plans to continue working as a tennis pro at a racquet club and expand her private students. Steinert plans to earn her USPTA Pro Certification as soon as she can and has a few job opportunities lined up to become an assistant coach at the college level.

“I want to give back to developing players just as my coaches have for me,” she said.

With sports seasons being short for both high school and college student-athletes, we are featuring seniors who were unable to finish their final tennis season. If you know a senior player who deserves recognition, nominate them and we’ll do our best to get them the attention they deserve.

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