Tennis At Home

Need ideas on how to stay active with tennis at home? Our USTA Middle States community has submitted many videos on how they are staying involved with tennis during this time. Take a look at the videos below and try them yourself!

If you have a video to submit, email and we’ll try to get your video featured.

Driveway Tennis

Video Credit: Cathy Shaak


Garage Tennis

Video Credit: Gabe Knowles


Tennis & Quarantining

Video Credit: Ilia Shatashvili


The Trash Man

Video Credit: Evan Schreiner


Living Room Tennis

Video Credit: Phil Palko


Tennis Bocce

Video Credit: Devin Rubino


Half Lobster Traps

Video Credit: Angie Jones


Driveway Tennis

Video Credit: Justin DePietropaolo


The Brave Girlfriend

Video Credit: Evan Schreiner


“Alternative” Tennis

Video Credit: Ben Zislis


Control. Agility. Footwork.

Video credit: Dave Price



Pup in the Middle

Video Credit: Lora Ball

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