Frontline Worker: Bill Baumer

While playing our game is on hold, members of the tennis community are coming together to fight COVID-19. As we continue to fight the spread of the disease, USTA Middle States is featuring people on the front lines: including hospital and grocery store workers, drivers, first responders, volunteers, and more.

If you know of someone who deserves to be recognized, let us know by emailing

Bill Baumer is an avid tennis player and is actively involved with USTA League. But while tennis programming is on hold, Baumer is working on the front lines as the community actively fights the spread of COVID-19.

Baumer, from just outside of Lancaster, Pa., is a Retail Merchandising Supervisor for Mondelez International (NABISCO). 

Baumer and his team have been working around the clock, trying to keep grocery store shelves stocked. In his 46 years working in the food industry, he said he has never experienced anything like this before.

But even with these unprecedented times, Baumer believes that this pandemic has united the country as he has witnessed countless acts of kindness and generosity. His local team of about 35 employees were continuously pulling together to keep the stores well-stocked for their customers. 

“People are working their days off —12-hour days, nights, weekends —  giving up vacation times and basically whatever it takes to get the job done,” he said. “It was an ‘All Hands On Deck’ philosophy. We had supervisors, district managers, regional directors, and employees from the corporate office all helping stocking products in the stores.”

While Baumer is focused on his job and the overall health of the community, he is also looking forward to getting back on the tennis courts with his teammates.

Baumer is a captain of several USTA teams in the Central Pennsylvania District. Over the years he’s led teams to many National events. He said he’s found a “tennis family” in the area, and attributes his success to his teammates. 

“My tennis family is truly the best and keeps growing every year,” he said. “Tennis is what brings us together, but we have developed so many activities off the court. We all play hard and want to win but we also have fun and support one another.”

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