Free League Registration for Middle States Captains

Great news for captains in Middle States: Beginning with 2018 spring adult leagues, your league registration is free.

USTA League team captains in Middle States will receive a free registration when he/she joins their team and checks the captains’ box inside TennisLink. Captains will receive this benefit for each team they agree to captain.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Join your team in the normal way and check the captains’ box. This will allow the first person who checks the captains’ box to receive his/her free registration – one per team. Captains will be responsible for the TennisLink fee of $3.00.
  2. To receive the free registration, you must check the captains’ box during registration. No refunds will be given if the box is not checked.
  3. If you have a co-captain, decide among yourselves who will register first. Only one free registration is available per team.

If you’re interested in playing USTA League in Middle States, email our League Concierge or visit us online.

Captains’ Meeting Schedule

Questions about the process? Contact

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